as most of you know we switch from openvz(EOL) to LXC. Some of the functions that the SSD VPS(OpenVZ) had are not available anymore. So a instant upgrade to a LXC VPS is possible over a small ticket. We add you then a LXC VPS where you can move all your services and manage the upgrade on your own and take over the runtime. The process for the switching of the nodes will be the same. As it is for over 1000 VPS a bit tricky here the plan for the next time:

-At the moment the first 4 LXC Systems in France(SBG) are up and running. We will add more while we shutdown old Nodes.

-In the next 3 days we message all Clients on VM01, TS-Node, Euro4 and Euro07 and add them a new VPS for upgrade. So we can shutdown the systems in ~20 days.

-Here we start selling DE LXC VPS.

-When they are moved we start moving all Clients on Euro04. with a window of 14 days too.

-When that is done we check how we handle Euro08 and the German Node as we have here ~200 VPS.

-In the time of moving some support requests may not directly be handled. We know that and it would be great if YOU then not just create more tickets as some clients do.. So ONE ticket for ONE case!!!

The new LXC VPS run with the following specs: -IPv4 and IPv6

-New Kernel 5

-Nodes are based on NVMe and have more ram

-A new system bether protect's the nodes from outgoing ddos and lags for other VPS on it.

-Backup system - In testing and not perfect yet but we are on a good way. Recover of backups over the interface is possible:

-Docker and mount support for FTP Samaba Google drive, dropbox....

-New OS templates with a brand new design. (Deb10,Deb9,CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora.......)

We hope you like the speed improvements in our store and the LXC interface. We are happy to get feedback about it.

Special thanks to Clemens and Abdalaziz for handling a lot in the backend and parts of the incomming support ;)

With best regards//Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Paul Feder

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